Snartarstaðir folk museum of northern Þingeyjar County is located just 1 km outside the village of Kópasker.

The museum has around 2000 objects on display, offering a great perspective on peoples life in the area at a time when the old farming society had started to give way to new technological advancements.The exhibition at Snartarstaðir is characterized by a large and varied amount of all sorts of handicrafts made by people in the area, as well as homemade toys and a large number of quaint knick-knacks that show how much beauty can be found in everyday life. It also has on display the remarkable library of the couple Helgi and Andrea from Leirhöfn on Melrakkaslétta in northern Þingeyjar County.


There are many interesting items on display alongside the handicrafts and the books. There are traditional cultural artefacts like guns, objects made from iron and wood and various household items. There is also a homemade fire pump, toys and fun knick knacks that one can get lost in perusing. The museum is a good representation of the lives of the people in the area during the latter half of the 19th century and the first half of the 20th.

The museum is run by the District Cultural Center and is open to guests during the summer 15 June - 15 August.