Sauðaneshús - District Folk Museum

The oldest stone house in Þingeyjar Counties, Sauðaneshús, is located 7 km´s north of the town of Þórshöfn. Today, it serves as the home of the region's folk museum, which tells the story of life in Langanes Peninsula and how its residents have used their prosperous surroundings to endure through the ages in this unforgiving yet spectacular environment. A new exhibition opened in 2022, curated by two Icelandic artists who are the caretakers at Sauðaneshús during the summer as well.

Sauðaneshús is open to visitors from 15 June - 15 August. Closed in winter.


Langanes in northern Þingeyjar County is rich in natural resources such as driftwood and a diverse birdlife. The exhibition shows how people utilized the resources from their nearby surroundings in order to survive. Nature is an intrinsic part of life in Langanes and it is therefore kept in the forefront of the exhibition, with an emphasis on the birdlife in the area.

Sauðaneshús belongs to the National Museum’s Historic Building Collection, but is run by the District Cultural Center and is open for visitors during the summer.

Photos: Sauðaneshús