About MMÞ

The District Cultural Center of Þingeyjar Counties (DCC) was officially sanctioned in December 2006 but formally established on May 14th, 2007. The seven founding members included the municipalities of the districts of Aðaldalur, Langanes and Norðurþing, as well as Skútustaða-, Tjörnes-, and Svalbarðs districts and Þingeyjarsveit. DCC is a non-profit organization and operates the following museums and exhibition venues: The Old Turf House at Grenjaðarstaður, the Folk Museum at Snartarstaðir, and the Husavik Museum, where you find the district Fine Arts Collection and the South Þingeyjar County History Collection, the district Photography Collection and the District Archives, as well as the Maritime Museum. The Cultural Center of Þingeyjar Counties also manages the Folk Museum at Sauðaneshús in Langanes.

Today, DCC is run by the four municipalities belonging to the Þingeyjar counties: Langanesbyggð, Norðurþing, Tjörneshreppur and Þingeyjarsveit. Following local government board elections, the board of the Cultural Center is selected, with a tenure of four years. The DCC´s board consists of seven members, including a chairman, and the number from each municipality depends on their size. An equal number of deputies are elected concurrently.