Emigrates from Þingeyjarsýsla to North America 1860-1920
Tuesday, 19 July 2011 10:56

On 1st of June Eysteinn Tryggvason gave the District Archives his manuscript "Þingyeskir Vesturfara á árunum 1860 til 1920" (Emigrates from Þingeyjarsýsla to North America 1860-1920) for preservation.  

Eysteinn has spent the last few years gathering information about 2.377 idividuals from Þingeyjarsýsla that emigrated to North America.









Archives meeting
Wednesday, 11 May 2011 16:32

A meeting took place in the Culture House today between staff of the District Archieves in Húsavík, the National Archives of Iceland and local government.




During the meeting the National Archives of Iceland presented a new manual about local government archiving. Hrefna Róbertsdóttir, Director of the Archieve department of the National Archives, disscused the role of the Nationall Archives and the District Archives and the rules regarding archiving. Bjarni Þórðarson, the financial director of the National Archives, talked about the long-term presevation of electronic records from official agencies in iceland. 

Jón Jakobsson - Today 105 years ago
Tuesday, 08 March 2011 13:28

Jón Jakobsson from Árbæ on Tjörnes is a well known Diary Writer. He was born May 18th 1875 in Ketilsstöðum on Tjörnesi. His father was Jakob Jónsson commune director. His mother was Kristín Andrésdóttir.

Jón Jakobsson kept a diary from October 26th 1889 until April  29th 1915 when he fell ill. Most of his diaries are kept at the Regional Archives in the Culture House.Flestar



Farmers in Tjörnes in the 19th century
Friday, 11 February 2011 00:00

Þingeyjarsýsla Regional Archives recently finished scanning the book "Farmers at Tjörnesi on the 19th century". The book includes descriptions of farmers and farms in Tjörnesi in the 19th century.




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