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Astronauts in Þingeyjarsýslur
Tuesday, 17 May 2011 12:55

On 20th of May a new exhibition named “Astronauts in Þingeyjarsýslur” will be opened on the 3rd floor of the Culture House.


In 1965 and 1967 a group of Astronauts from NASA preparing for the first moon landing came to Þingeyjarsýsla. They chose the area so they could practice in an environment similar to what they would encounter on the moon. The centrepiece of the visits was the Askja caldera, site of multiple volcanic eruptions. Amongst the 12 men that have set foot on the moon 9 trained here in Þingeyjarsýsla two of them being Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong.




Cosmonautes - ErróGeimfarar í Þingeyjarsýslu - Ljósmynd: Sverrir Pálsson




The Icelandic Institute of Natural History has loaned a piece of Moon rock that the Government of the United States gave the Icelandic State after the first Moon landing.


Various photographs from the early years of the Space program will be displayed along with works of art made by ERRÓ.


The curator of the exhibition is Örlygur Hnefill Örlygsson.


The exhibition will be open until the end of September.